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The film revitalized the slasher film genre in the mid s, similar to the impact Halloween had on the late s film, by using a standard concept with a tongue-in-cheek approach that combined straightforward scares with dialogue, that satirized slasher film conventions. The poster depicts Casey Becker played by Drew Barrymore. Contents Plot Casey is caught and stabbed by Ghostface. Casey Becker , home alone, answers her ringing phone. The man on the other end says he must have dialed the wrong number and hangs up.

Soon after he calls again, making flirtatious comments and asking about her boyfriend. At first Casey plays along, but soon the man starts making threatening and sadistic comments. From there, he goes on to reveal that her boyfriend is tied up on the back patio. Now in control the caller turns the situation in an extreme horror trivia contest.

If Casey answers the trivia questions right, she and her boyfriend, Steven get to live. If she fails to answer correctly, they die. As a starter she answers the "warm-up question" correctly. Not impressed, the caller then asks her a trick question: A shocked Casey then hurries to turn the patio lights on, and finds Steve has been disemboweled. The gang discusses the murders of Casey and Steve.

The caller promises Casey another round, but Casey instead refuses answer the question. A chair then smashes the patio door windows, as Casey runs out of the house armed with a kitchen knife. Right after she is caught up by a cloaked figure in a mask and is stabbed in the chest. Now on the ground, she is strangled while attempting to call her parents.

The following night while home and alone, the killer invades her house and attempts to kill her. After a short but intense struggle the killer disappears. At first Sidney is relieved to see Billy but after a cellphone falls out of his pocket she is tempted to believe he was the one who called and attacked her. Dewey then has Billy arrested and they all head to the Police Station. The Killer calls Sidney.

Sidney tries to sort through the trauma of being attacked and, in reaction to circumstantial evidence, unwillingly points an accusatory finger at her boyfriend Billy Loomis. While there, she again receives a phone call from the killer, who tells her she made a grave mistake by thinking Billy Loomis was the killer.

He ends their conversation by saying she will find out who the killer is, soon enough School is soon canceled as a precautionary measure leaving the building temporarily abandoned.

The school principal is then killed while still inside the school when he was distracted. Right after, Billy comes over and shuts up the startled Randy before pointing out that Randy could just as well be a killer. Due to his intricate horror film knowledge. Later that night everybody begins to show up for the party, that Stu had suggested they hold in honor of getting out of school so early on.

At first the party is fine as Sidney and Tatum show up, soon after so does Dewey and Gale. The party soon takes a turn for the worse afterwards as Tatum goes down to the garage to get beer, only to be cornered by the killer, who slashes her left arm as, she attempts to escape.

Spotting an opportunity to get out through the pet flap in the automatic garage door, she tries to escape, but the killer stops her short by turning the door on, sending her to the top and crushing her neck.

Principal Himbry is stabbed by Ghostface. Meanwhile, Gale and Kenny watch the video from the video tape she hid inside the house, sensing the potential for a major scoop. However, due to the distance from the house to the van, the video feed is experiencing a 30 second delay. She then exits the van and is joined by deputy Dewey. Back at the party, as Sidney tries to find Tatum, Billy suddenly shows up at the party and the two of them go upstairs.

Having landed below Gale, Dewey then kisses her. The Killer Stu attacks Billy. Upstairs, after having made love to one another, Sidney watches in horror as Billy is stabbed by the killer, forcing her to run out of the room to escape. Giving pursuit, the killer leaves Randy unnoticed. Trying to warn him, Kenny steps outside the van, but has his throat slashed by the killer. Gale and Dewey, having discovered the car belongs to Neil Prescott, return to the house. They believe Neil is the killer and has come to the party to continue his spree.

Both attacked after having spread out, Gale attempts to leave the scene in her van but finds a dead Kenny, and drives off-road and crashes to avoid hitting Sidney. Dewey, who went inside the house, is now seen coming out again, falling down to reveal a knife in his back.

Running back inside, Sidney finds Randy and Stu, who are presented as the only remaining suspects. When they both accuse each other of being the killer, Sidney does not know who to trust, and slams the door in their faces. A seriously injured Billy then reappears, falling down the stairs.

Sidney helps him up and gives him a gun for safety. Billy then opens the door and allows Randy back inside, who states Stu has gone mad. Billy, still holding the gun, responds "we all go a little mad sometimes" and then shoots Randy in the shoulder, who falls to the floor. Finally, the truth is revealed: Stu and Billy then stab each other in non-vital places to make it seem like they were victims of Mr.

Things begin to fall apart though, as Billy stabs Stu too deeply and he begins to bleed profusely. Then Gale appears and distracts both of them.

After Stu and Billy deal with Gale, Sidney stabs Billy with an umbrella, who then falls on the floor, seemingly dead. Stu then reappears, trying to fight Sidney before she pushes a television set over onto his head. As Sidney is checking to see that Billy is dead, Randy reveals he is injured but still alive, crediting it to the fact that he is a virgin. Also injured but still alive, Billy gets up and punches Randy to the floor. He begins to choke Sidney to death, trying to stab her as well, before being shot down by Gale.

The house the next morning. To their surprise, Billy opens his eyes and makes a grunt, only to be shot in the head by Sidney right after, finally killing him. Sidney unties him, and Randy assists her. Dewey, who also appears to have been killed, is then shown being carried away on a gurney. Gale then makes an impromptu report on the events of the previous night as the authorities finally arrive on the crime scene and the movie comes to a close Along with Gale, Sidney manages to defeat the killer at the end of the film.

Courteney Cox as Gale Weathers: An obnoxious news-reporter that will do almost anything to get a story. Gale also has a love interest with Dwight "Dewey" Riley.

He helps Sidney sort her life out and has a love interest with the news-reporter, Gale Weathers. Rose McGowan as Tatum Riley: Skeet Ulrich as Billy Loomis: He is later killed by Sidney when she shot him in the head.

Matthew Lillard as Stuart "Stu" Macher: Stu is one of the two killers in the film. He is weak-willed, pathetic, and stupid, the combination of these three leading him to be easily persuaded to help Billy murder people. He is later killed by Sidney after she pushes a television screen on top of him causing electrocution in a form of self-defense.

When asked for a motive, Stu claims he committed the murders because of peer pressure, claiming he is "too sensitive". Jamie Kennedy as Randy Meeks: Randy is a friend of Sidney, Tatum, and Stu, but not Billy. He is a big horror movie buff and even works in a video store. It is shown that Randy wants to date Sidney and is notable that he survives the film. Minor characters Drew Barrymore as Casey Becker: Casey appears in the opening scene of the film being alone in her house. While making Jiffy Pop popcorn and getting ready for her boyfriend Steven Orth to arrive to watch a horror film, Casey gets phone calls from a mysterious stranger who first starts off nice conversation then ends with a taunting and threatening one.

Casey is forced to play a trivia game in which she must answer questions correctly to keep her boyfriend, who is strapped to one of her outside patio chairs, alive. Casey witnesses her boyfriend being disemboweled, and is then pursued by the killer herself. She is stabbed numerous times, before her horrified parents come home to see her bloody, gutted corpse hanging from a big oak tree across the road. Henry Winkler as Principal Arthur Himbry: He is fooling around in his office when someone knocks on the door.

He opens the door and finds no one there, he goes out and checks for whoever knocked on his door but only finds the janitor. He goes back to his office, but when he closes the door and the killer appears, and stabs him in the stomach until he dies. Lawrence Hecht as Neil Prescott: He is away on business and the suspicion of the killings are being heavily suspected upon him. Earl Brown as Kenneth "Kenny" Jones:

Scream (Originally titled "Scary Movie") is a horror film directed by Wes Craven and written by Kevin film revitalized the slasher film genre in the mid s, similar to the impact Halloween () had on the late s film, by using a standard concept with a tongue-in-cheek approach that combined straightforward scares with . FREE Sex Dating in Woodsboro, Texas AdultFriendFinder is the leading site online for sex dating on the web. If you are visiting or live in Woodsboro, Texas and are dating for sex, we can get you connected with other adult friends fast.

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