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Washington, DC One of the few museums that you just pay to enter in DC and well worth it! Tickets are good for two consecutive days so you can return if you choose to the next day. Six floors, start on the ground floor and then take the elevator to the top floor and work your way down. You can easily spend half a day or more here. We went to each floor and looked at most of the displays. Spent two hours there.

Many things we had seen before and some we did not spend much time on merely by choice. Some repetitive photos throughout, yet worthy.

One of the highlights of our trip to DC, second to the White House tour. A huge section of the Berlin Wall and a death tower were on site. I would highly recommend going! Celebrating the First Amendment in its most critical time in our history as a country. The Newseum is one of the most meaningful museums in our country.

One can see the development of what we know as freedom of speech, expression and press in displays that paean the challenges and sometimes, setbacks of our journey through liberty. The displays memorializing journalists who have given their lives covering combat or terrorism was especially noteworthy.

I have always admired Ernie Pyle, and during my three-year stay in Japan, had made a visit to Ie Shima, right off the Motobu peninsula in Okinawa, where he was killed. The Watergate displays are also excellent and made more relevant by the nexus between the two heads of state that posed the most grueling challenges to our way of life. The even handedness of the Newseum was evident. As a matter of fact, the fact that the bright red MAGA baseball caps especially made to cover lobotomy scars are for sale in the book shop is evidence of the amazing fairness of the Newseum, showcasing merchandise of an ideology which is anathema to a free press, human rights and civility.

This museum is very interesting for those who are in-tuned to news. The exhibits show you information on reporters, reports, and other press information. Some interactive exhibits can be found on floor 2, which is the brighter side of things. You can literally be a news reporter! The media centers really help getting things along, as they do store a lot of media. In conclusion, I recommend going here if you are in to that stuff, or just interested in some history.

This museum also covers a lot of history. Admission is pricey compared to all the free Smithsonians, but tickets are good for 2 consecutive days. I love the enormous first amendment etched on the facade of the building on Pennsylvania Avenue. The bathrooms even have some funny news bloopers scattered on the tiles. This was the museum I was least excited to go to.

But let me tell you they really impress hear the Berlin wall exhibit was phenomenal. The mass amounts of artifacts stories and newspapers is thrilling. Start at the top and work your way down is my best tip! I so enjoyed this museum and it was especially nice that it was not crowded. There are exhibits, a ton of photos, short film clips, sound bites, and then some. You need to take the time to watch the film clips to better understand the specific exhibit you might be looking at.

Also, I recommend going outside on the 6th floor to take in the view of the city. Great photo op there. One strange feature, I think it was 4th to 3rd floor, you have to go through a theater to get to the stairs. That can be disruptive to anyone sitting on that side for the theater.

Tickets are good for 2 days, but one day pretty much covers it all. Are you a camper or a glamper? No need to worry, because at Camp Newseum Nights they have it all. We started off our evening by snacking on trail mix, drinking bug juice the adult version , and eating finger foods.

Pigs in the blanket, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, fried macaroni balls, and tater tots to name a few of the foods on the buffet. But, in my opinion, it was the activities that set this event apart. There was a glam squad to make campers beautiful! Then, there was karaoke for the brave singers. We took fun photos at the photo booth.

Then, there were funny stories by Story District. We listened to the band and traveled all over the Newseum. What a nice evening to spend with friends and support a worthy cause. And that is Not Fake News. Newseum is just cool. I particularly enjoyed the photographic exhibit featuring the 75 years of Pictures of the Year. Many of them are so iconic they are etched in our minds, but all of them are powerful and moving.

The exhibit provides people with space to be solemn but also as a documentary of that day. We luckily were planning to do on a day they were filming an interview with Jake Tapper. He was hocking his new book, but was a very appropriate guest to talk about the current state of journalism in the era of "fake news. What a fascinating, fun place! And your ticket is good for two days. SO COOL -a piece of the Twin Towers from and heart wrenching stories about the reporters who risked their lives and some lost it to make sure we heard the truth about the events of that tragic day.

This museum does such an amazing job of showing why our freedom of speech is so very important. One of the coolest museums I have visited.

You can probably do the entire museum in about 3 hours. It is set up in a way that forces you to visit each exhibit. All the exhibits are colorful and eye-catching. You start by attending an orientation on the first floor. Then you proceed all the way up to the 6th floor and work your way down.

I was really entertained by all the exhibits. I absolutely loved all the photography. There is a big screen displaying news that shaped the world. The journalist Memorial was quite sad. So many reporters have lost their lives in the field. Children will probably enjoy the interactive Newsroom.

Here you can pretend to be a news reporter. I absolutely loved this museum and think it has one of the most important missions right now. The Syrian one was full of heart wrenching photos taken by journalists. I did not feel like it was pressuring you to feel a certain way either. The FBI exhibit had the actual cabin the Unibomber lived in. That was crazy to see.

It also had a gun he made out of wood. I almost forgot, there was a pretty intense exhibit. Spend some money there too! Although the website projects a total time of 2 to 4 hours to visit the exhibits, I spent almost 2 hours looking through the FBI exhibit alone. There are 6 floors containing a plethora of insight and information concerning significant American events in the eyes of the news media.

The musuem has also been updated to reflect the effect of social media and the age of the Trump presidency. Theres so much to learn and see that you can stay from opening to closing and not get through most of it. The top floor also gives you a wonderful view of Pennslyvania Avenue leaving you with plenty of photo oppurtunities. This is a must visit or revisit! An interesting topic for a museum - definitely a site worth a visit if you want something a little unconventional but still very widely enjoyable by all ages and interests.

The museum is enormous but is very well laid out and with a clear path to follow. The orientation film and the free maps are very well designed - really clear and easy to follow. My personal favourite exhibit, however, was the FBI exhibit in the basement which houses, amongst many things, the actual shack that the Unabomber lived in. The photo galleries also had some really powerful photos in them, which I enjoyed a lot. Like most museums in DC, I found that the Newseum was so utterly huge that I had to prioritise what I wanted to spend time viewing to avoid spending all day there, as I had other things to see.

By no means a criticism, just a tip if your time in DC is limited! I was given free tickets by a random stranger at lunch who was doing a good deed. The tickets were good for two consecutive days.

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