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Establishment[ edit ] The first mention of a public university in Texas can be traced to the constitution for the Mexican state of Coahuila y Tejas. Although Title 6, Article of the Constitution promised to establish public education in the arts and sciences, [15] no action was taken by the Mexican government.

After Texas obtained its independence from Mexico in , the Texas Congress adopted the Constitution of the Republic , which, under Section 5 of its General Provisions, stated "It shall be the duty of Congress, as soon as circumstances will permit, to provide, by law, a general system of education. The original 40 acres is the area from Guadalupe to Speedway and 21st Street to 24th Street. On January 31, , the state legislature, wanting to avoid raising taxes, passed an act authorizing the money set aside for the University of Texas to be used for frontier defense in west Texas to protect settlers from Indian attacks.

This effort to establish a University was again mandated by Article 7, Section 10 of the Texas Constitution of which directed the legislature to "establish, organize and provide for the maintenance, support and direction of a university of the first class, to be located by a vote of the people of this State, and styled "The University of Texas. Had the Constitution not revoked the original grant of land, by the university lands would have totaled 3.

Galveston, having come in second in the election with 20, votes , was designated the location of the medical department Houston was third with 12, votes. University President Ashbel Smith , presiding over the ceremony, prophetically proclaimed "Texas holds embedded in its earth rocks and minerals which now lie idle because unknown, resources of incalculable industrial utility, of wealth and power.

Smite the earth, smite the rocks with the rod of knowledge and fountains of unstinted wealth will gush forth. But by the s, discussions arose about the need for new library space, and the Main Building was razed in over the objections of many students and faculty.

The modern-day tower and Main Building were constructed in its place. A vote by the regents to move the campus to the donated land was met with outrage, and the land has only been used for auxiliary purposes such as graduate student housing.

Part of the tract was sold in the lates for luxury housing, and there are controversial proposals to sell the remainder of the tract. Ferguson became involved in a serious quarrel with the University of Texas. When Ferguson found he could not have his way, he vetoed practically the entire appropriation for the university.

Without sufficient funding, the university would have been forced to close its doors. The Texas Senate removed Ferguson as governor and declared him ineligible to hold office. However, expansion was hampered by the restriction against using state revenues to fund construction of university buildings as set forth in Article 7, Section 14 of the Constitution.

With the completion of Santa Rita No. The additional income from Permanent University Fund investments allowed for bond issues in and , with the latter expansion necessary from the spike in enrollment following World War II. The university built 19 permanent structures between and , when it was given the right of eminent domain. With sufficient funds now in the Permanent University Fund to finance construction on both campuses, on April 8, , the Forty Second Legislature passed H.

Chase went on to become the first licensed African-American architect in Texas. With two rifles, a sawed-off shotgun , and other weapons, he killed 14 people on campus, 11 from the observation deck and below the clocks on the tower, and three more in the tower, as well as wounding two others inside the observation deck.

The massacre ended after Whitman was shot and killed by police after they breached the tower. Before the massacre, Whitman had killed his mother and his wife.

Whitman had been a patient at the University Health Center, and on March 29, preceding the shootings, had conveyed to psychiatrist Maurice Heatley his feelings of overwhelming hostilities and he was thinking about "going up on the tower with a deer rifle and start shooting people. In , after installation of security fencing and other safety precautions, the tower observation deck reopened to the public.

There is a turtle pond park near the tower dedicated to those affected by the tragedy. The first presidential library on a university campus was dedicated on May 22, with former President Johnson , Lady Bird Johnson and then-President Richard Nixon in attendance. Constructed on the eastern side of the main campus, the Lyndon Baines Johnson Library and Museum is one of 13 presidential libraries administered by the National Archives and Records Administration.

A statue of Martin Luther King Jr. On April 30, , the school opened the Blanton Museum of Art. Also in , Darrell K RoyalóTexas Memorial Stadium was expanded to a seating capacity of ,, making it the largest stadium by capacity in the state of Texas at the time.

On January 19, , the university announced the creation of a hour television network in partnership with ESPN , dubbed the Longhorn Network. The channel first aired in September Pickle Research Campus in north Austin and the other properties throughout Texas. The tower usually appears illuminated in white light in the evening but is lit orange for various special occasions, including athletic victories and academic accomplishments; it is conversely darkened for solemn occasions.

Constructed in the s under the supervision of creator Carl Eckhardt, then head of the physical plant, the tunnels have grown along with the university campus.

They measure approximately six miles in length. It is closed to the public and guarded by silent alarms. Since the late s, the university has generated its own electricity. Today its natural gas cogeneration plant has a capacity of MW. In , the university opened the state-of-the-art Norman Hackerman building on the site of the former Experimental Sciences Building housing chemistry and biology research and teaching laboratories.

The university uses Capital Metro to provide bus transportation for students around the campus and throughout Austin. The university contains eighteen colleges and schools and one academic unit, each listed with its founding date:

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