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Anyways, I have had Verizon for about four years now and could not be happier with the service. Verizon works in areas that I Didnt have coverage before. The plans are very comparable but the customer service and coverage is what makes the service outstanding. I have had one issue with my text messaging plan and when I called in they made the experience easy by backdating my texting plan to cover the overage. Verizon does offer phones with sim cards, like my blackberry storm for instance and I can use features like backup assistant for my families phones fo FREE!

Joe January 17th, at I kept having dropped call problems in my house, might have been my phone, I am not sure.. I switched to Cingular and was extremely happy.. The phones worked great.. If all things were equal, and all of my friends were on att, I think I would be 10x happier.. Verizon service is kinder, and more helpful.. But being honest, I only care about the quality of service not the people. I have a bb storm now, im on my 3rd device defects.. I think alot of people hit it on the head..

If your going to bad mouth verizon look into all their products, features and customer service a little bit more. We previously had verizon for years, he switched carriers because it was cheaper at the time. Anyway I have noticed the diference between the service between the two. Paul January 18th, at 7: Try doing that with Verizon! Kind of a no brainer on which one to choose. LOL Paul January 18th, at 7: Nothing bad to say about BlackBerrys, I love them.

Kev January 19th, at 7: I am happy with them but, the phones they offer are propietary and very controlled by Verizon.

Meaning many features the phone manufacturer may advertise on a certain phone may not be unlocked or available through Verizon. I had an LG phone with an MP3 player in it that never played 1 song in 2 years since I would have had to purchase the songs from Verizon.

Good for anti-theft, bad for trading or trying other phones. It goes by quick and you get new customer deals that loyal customers get screwed out of! Ashlei January 23rd, at I have been happy with my service up until recently.

In my experience, Verizon has great customer service. I did have 1 billing problem, and it was when I called over the phone. They took off my texting when I went on vacation instead of adding it like I wanted. I believe that problem happened because I was talking to someone who probably lived in India or something.

That was the only bill that was excessive, and as soon as I went into a store, it was taken care of immediately. I have never had a problem like that after that, and always made sure to go in to a store. Come on people do your homework. Research the plans and the extras, costs of phones, insurance, internet etc. Walk in there and say this is what I want. That is what I did and I got the phone I wanted and the plan I wanted.

The voyager came out and I wanted to switch. They let me switch even though it was after the 30 day policy no questions asked. I dropped one of my phones before that and it short circuited, I had insurance on the phone, and they replaced it no questions.

For the first time since , for the past 2 months, I have come close or gone over my minutes. I also was told I had to buy an extended battery for my phone. They acted so surprised at how often I use my phone. My thought is you create these phones to be used like ipods with music players, can go on the web, and even watch tv. I think that is a little ridiculous. But if I switch, then I may have the same problem with those who I do talk to with Verizon. For how much I have promoted Verizon in the past they should be paying me!

Jean-Marie January 31st, at 7: But I am tempted by the touch feature and user-friendly aspect of the IPhone. I have about another week before I need to make my final decision. Bottom line, which gives best service and plans and which phone is best? I live in Oregon where both services give great coverage. Jorge Nunez February 3rd, at 5: We were willing to extend my contract and pay for the phone, yet the highly trained personnel of three different stores could not get it right. Every single one of them had a different angle of understanding.

For one employee extending my contract meant giving my wife a new contract and transferring her number of my contract to her new one. In this process my phone microchip got shut of for several hours killing the rest of my work day.. We came back Monday to a totally different explanation and deal. Attempted calling customer service, there we met another unwilling able attitude. My way or the highway attitude ran us of. We have decided to move everything to Verizon.

Gold February 5th, at 4: And it was a total mess just the first week after I left here to go to work in St Lucia Island. After a month with out phone In may way back I found a funny Bill showing calls from places that I never when specially when my service was down and no call made. They forced me to pay half of the call to be able to use the service POOR Management After a while a make a trip again and this time I make arrangement to make payments the day 5 of the month, and the telephone was interrupt the day 4 and after some discussion of my agreement which I did keep to pay by the 5 they reconnect the phone again.

I make the payment as per my agreement. JP February 6th, at 4: Therefore, I am not too worried about not having coverage in the majority of areas I go to with either provider. Get you head outta your rectum before you lose me.. Tyler February 7th, at 7: Their customer service has improved greatly over the years, and their rollover minute deal is a huge draw for new customers.

Chance February 8th, at 5: I mean everybody will have thier differences about customer service expr. Well to wrap it up, ATT tries it best, verizon is our biggest competition. Rivals if you must. Let the best man win. Chance February 8th, at 6: I guess you just have to test the 2 companies out and see which one works for you, what will you be using the phone for? I guess thats why theres more than 2 cell phone companies eh?

So you have more choices depending on your life-style? For me, att hands down!

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