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The first name of G. The name of G. Synopsis by William Atkins. Rod Peterson and Claire Whitaker. Olivia is trying to preserve the peacefulness of her world that is quickly changing before her eyes. While Grandpa comments about the calmness of the water and the gentle breeze around them, their conversation is disrupted by maneuvers of the Army at the nearby federal preserve. The sisters then learn that Ike has been made coordinator in charge of civilian relations by the captain in charge.

As Erin and Mary Ellen leave, Curt and Private William Lance his driver arrive while in route to help his unit look for a place to camp. Mary Ellen is disappointed that he can not stay. Lance strikes up a conversation with Erin but she is not friendly toward him.

Chance is about to deliver a calf. After supper the boys, Grandpa, and John talk about war but Mary Ellen is angry that Curt did not show up for the meal. She gruffly tells the men they can do KP as she walks off toward the pond. Mary Ellen explains she was arrested for walking too close to the army camp and Curt walked her home and stayed for the night.

Jim Bob has already been signed up and Thelma and Grandpa sign up while visiting the store. Later, Private Lance has run out of gas and admits to Jason and Erin, who have picked him up, that he is afraid he will get in trouble with Lieutenant Willard.

While Jason finds a can of gas, Lance wanders over to take a drink from the old water pump. As Olivia paints the pump she tells the soldier that the well went dry fifteen years ago. Lance tells her that he is in the military because of his hope to keep his hometown like it is now. The army is now busy with the mock disaster, but Grandpa has lost interest in their escapades.

She finally admits to John that she knows the country will become involved with the war in Europe. She wishes they only had daughters and no sons that have to go off to war. Olivia is sad she did not receive the money but soon learns that her paintings were sold to a most distinguished collector who greatly admired her work.

Grandpa says that dynamite brought the calf into the world. But when Olivia goes to the attic to find a silk scarf for Mary Ellen she discovers her paintings hidden under a blanket. She thinks John has bought them and becomes angry with him for being cruel and humiliating her in front of the crowd at the exhibition.

Curt suddenly appears to say the army is immediately returning to camp after hearing that Paris has fallen. Before leaving, Vance and Erin agree to write each other. Curt and Mary Ellen reluctantly say good-bye. Grandpa confesses to Olivia that he was the mysterious collector who bought her paintings.

He admired them and simply wanted to leave a legacy to his grandchildren. You pay all the pig money for the pictures? Well, they were still pretty fresh. The Rockfish Press has printed an article about the painting contest. Carole Raschella and Michael Raschella. In fitting together the pieces of our developing personalities there came a time when my youngest brother Jim Bob had to make a decision which was to affect the rest of his life". Elizabeth brings some goldenrod to Grandpa who is missing Grandma still in the hospital.

The two walk to the barn in order to check Myrtle who is about to give birth. On the way, Jim Bob proudly shows them his new eagle hood ornament. Grandpa explains a little about growing up. Down the street, Jim Bob finds Joe admiring his hood ornament. When the boy sees Bixby he quickly wants to leave. They drive out-of-town eating strawberry donuts.

Sarah wonders if it would be too late for her to have a family. Later, Joe joins the family for supper where he tells John he is from Falls Church. He adds his father works for the government as an accountant and he is on his way to Hampton to join the Army Air Corp. While horsing around in the yard John questions Joe about his plans. The boys talk about parachute jumping at fairs but when Jim Bob races to find his kite Joe runs off to Mrs. He tells his sister Claire to pack her suitcase and be ready to leave for Florida when he returns.

Elizabeth is alarmed to find Myrtle missing. Both boys are broke but Sarah comes to the rescue and provides them money to see the movie. While at the movie, Olivia helps Sarah make curtains for her home.

The boys are enjoying the airplane fights when Bixby sits behind them. They suddenly run out of the theater. His parents died last year and since then he has lived in an orphanage while his sister was placed in Mrs. Joe tries to convince Jim Bob to go with them to Florida when they run away. Jim Bob is unsure if that is a good idea. Maude and Elizabeth drink milk and eat gingerbread while Maude relates some of her wild tales when she was a young girl.

Myrtle gives birth but Maude still wants the pair to remain with her. While Ep looks over the curtains Sarah made for their house, she asks Ep if they could start a family. Ep thinks he is too old to have another family but tells his wife he will think about it.

The telephone rings with Mrs. Sweeney telling the Sheriff that Claire Douglas is missing. Ep remembers that Bixby was looking for a boy with the same last name. He tells this to Sarah who says the boy is staying at the Waltons. Jim Bob decides to join Joe in his trip to Florida. Ep returns Joe to the orphanage who is now mad at Jim Bob for telling on him. Sarah and Ep talk about the orphans over breakfast.

Sarah wants to take in the seven-year old girl and sixteen-year-old boy. But Ep resists knowing the change that would take place in their lives. Ep visits Joe in order to talk over his dilemma with his wife. He wishes Sarah had told him her desire to have children before they were married.

He loves her but does not know if he wants more children. Elizabeth finds Maude has brought the goats to their place after finding it is too difficult to handle them. Maude admits she kept the goats because she wanted Elizabeth to visit her.

Elizabeth promises to visit and says she can be her second grandma. Sarah and Ep make arrangements to have Claire and Joe visit them on the weekends; with the possibility of later adopting them. They bring the children over to the Waltons so Joe and Jim Bob can patch up their dispute. The boys are brought together with coaxing from Ep and John. The union was soon made permanent when Ep and Sarah adopted both children, and the space which Joe had filled for Jim Bob became a close and loyal friendship".

Go to sleep Jim Bob. I made a bed and cloths for the baby goat. Elizabeth get that animal out of here. Close the door Ben before it comes in and poops all over the floor. I will not sleep in the same room with a goat. Well, go sleep in the barn! Erin go with her. The episode occurs during the fall because Grandpa and Ben are hoeing corn stalks. Ep has two grown up sons from his first marriage. Sarah went to see Dr. Jackson in order to check her condition for childbirth.

London was being bombed, the evil of Nazi rule was spreading across Europe, and on Waltons Mountain indian summer held off the snows of winter. Part 1 It is morning of the first Sunday in December and the Waltons prepare themselves for church.

Buchanan preaches a sermon announcing the beginning of the most glorious time of year. The Baldwin sisters seek out Olivia hoping her family will help welcome two English children orphaned by the blitz.

Miss Mamie and Miss Emily feel other children will help the visitors feel more at ease. Olivia agrees that she and the children will welcome Tess and Pip Wrayburn upon their arrival.

Verdi Grant visits the Waltons to secure orders for her delicious burnt cinnamon cakes that she bakes every Christmas. She hopes to sell ten or more at two dollars each in order to buy clothes and toys for children-in-need.

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