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However, Dyson has a conflict that will not allow him to be behind the wheel of his Silver Crown car as a driver, instead competing in a Trans Am race at Virginia International Raceway where he is competing for a series title.

So, in came the call as to who to put in the seat for Eldora. We met with Jason and visited him, then went up to the stands and watched him win his heat race from fifth on the grid, then he went out and won the feature. I thought that was a pretty solid audition! Now comes another big test as McDougal jumps behind the wheel of a Silver Crown for the first time ever. On Friday, pits open at 1: On Saturday, pits open at Jason Goff 19J Goff , 2. Joe Krawiec 1B Miller , 3.

Justin Phillips 1m Miller , 5. Seth Carlson 2 Matczak , 6. Will Hull 3 Matczak. Jeff Horn A-1 Mossman , 2. Mike Chaffee 18c Chaffee.

Adam Whitney 12 Whitney , 4. Brandon Emerson 8 Emerson , 5. Robert White 68 White , 6. Tim Gallant 33 Gallant. Korey Weyant of Springfield, Ill. Dave Baugh 7B Baugh , 2. Tyler Roth 18 Roth , 3. Andy Baugh 6B Baugh , 4. Brent Burrows 51 Terry , 5. Jake Sollenberger 5 Utsinger , 6. Daltyn England 19E England , 7. Scott Koerner 1 Koerner , 8. John Heitzman 43 Heitzman. Shane Morgan 15 Morgan , 2. Jeff Sparks 55 Sparks , 3. Korey Weyant 51R Johnson , 4. Jeremy Hull 24 Hull , 5.

Ryan Patrick 23 Patrick , 6. Charlie Kunz 27 Kunz , 7. Blake Haynes 9B Haynes. Mitchel Davis 37 Raymond , 2. Jason Allen 28 Allen , 3. Jeff Mallonee 31 Mallonee , 4. Kurt Mueller 83 Mueller , 5. Tori Smirh 18 Smith , 6. Kevin Battefeld 42 Battefeld , 7. Christopher Adrien 21 Adrien. Laps Morgan, Laps Weyant. Adam Lemke of Hollister, Calif. Toni Breidinger, 26, Breidinger Joey Iest, 17, Iest Adam Lemke, 98, Lemke Elvis Rankin, 54, Rankin Johnny Nichols, 14, Nichols Bryant Bell, 00, Jessop Lap 1 Rankin, Laps Lemke.

Aaron Leffel 11L Taylor , 2. Jon Steed 7s Steed , 3. Alex Watson 3 Watson , 4. Stratton Briggs 71 Briggs , 5. Cory Guingrich 11G Guingrich , 6. Jon Watson 25 Watson , 7. Kevin Blue 7DW Blue , 8. Tyler Key 5c Key , 9. Kyle Kriegbaum 12 Kriegbaum , Blake Vermillion 73 Vermillion , Brent Watson 17K Watson , Gunnar Lucius 22 Lucius , Bill Dunham 84 Dunham , Thomas Bigelow 2B Bigelow , Taylor Cox 7x Cox , Don Bigelow 4 Bigelow , Jim Dues 3D Dues , Tom Hunt 12 Hunt. Laps Briggs, Laps Leffel.

Watson, 3-Briggs, 4-Steed, 5-Guingrich, 6-J. Michael Faccinto, 9D, Dodenhoff Jake Swanson, 73X, Ford Ronnie Gardner, 68, Six Robby Josett, 2, Josett Shannon McQueen, 7, McQueen Robert Dalby, 4D, Dalby Randi Pankratz, 8, Pankratz Tristan Thomas, 1P, Nichols Tristan Guardino, 16K, Kruseman Kyle Beilman, 31, Beilman Bruce Hiroshima, 55, Hiroshima Bryan Drollinger, 71, Drollinger Dylan Ito, 73, Ford Keoni Texeira, 73T, Ford Ashley Hazelton-Heredia, 15, Hazelton Daniel Anderson, 77, Anderson An unprecedented accomplishment deserves an unprecedented celebration in Kevin Thomas, Jr.

Just moments after taking the checkered flag to become the first three-time winner of the "Haubstadt Hustler" at Tri-State Speedway, Thomas found himself sandwiched between a pile of racecars in turn one with heavy damage to the front end of his Dynamics, Inc. Instead, it created a memorable celebration from the makeshift turn one junkyard as he emerged from the top of the roll cage to high-five his roommate and third-place finisher Jason McDougal who stacked his ride alongside that of Thomas.

That was something special," Thomas exclaimed. I instantly went from a little frustrated to super pumped. When I got out, it was just a front end.

Schmidt sprinted to the lead on the opening lap, narrowly eclipsing Leary at the line by a foot. However, Leary took sole ownership of the lead entering turn one and would have a Master Lock on the spot for the bulk of the lapper.

He was okay and, miraculously, restarted the race from the tail, ultimately finishing 14th. Throughout the middle stages and within ten to go, Leary was in control, upping his lead to more than a second and a half while Thomas and McDougal duked it out for second. However, as can and will happen often in racing, lapped traffic came into play, at moments being a benefit to Leary and other times, ehh, not so much.

Thomas got a bit sideways between turns three and four coming to the checkered, but it was no harm, no foul, as he straightened it out, stood on the gas and finished out his fifth win of the year, followed by Leary, McDougal in his first ever visit to Tri-State, while Dave Darland and Carson Short rounded out the top-five.

We were able to get up underneath him and beat him to one.

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